CandleThe Christian faith comforts us with the belief that not even death can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

A burial from Grace Episcopal Church does not require membership. Upon the death of a loved one please be in touch with the church as soon as possible, so we may provide pastoral support and guidance in scheduling and planning the service of Christian Burial, or service for one who does not profess the Christian faith.  Outside of normal office hours our phone system will direct you to the contact telephone number for the rector.

The church Undercroft, with full kitchen may be available to host a reception after the funeral. Visiting hours may be scheduled at the church the day before the funeral or for an hour or two immediately before the service.

IMG_0003Grace Church has a Memorial Garden; a landscaped area of unmarked lawn for direct burial of cremated remains in a designated location, without urn or other container. A bronze plaque on the wall of the church lists the names of those interred, and a second plaque lists those memorialized but whose remains are interred elsewhere. For more information, including the price of a place in the the memorial garden, contact the parish office.

Assistance in planning your own funeral can also be done by appointment. Contact the parish office to schedule a meeting.