Serve at Grace

10955496_470670179766665_1791290726449766083_o (2)Liturgy and Music Ministries

We have many opportunities for involvement in our Worship and Music areas. The purpose of our worship ministries is to honor, celebrate, and worship God as the center of our common life at Grace. For more information or to volunteer, email the address below, or call the parish office.

Acolyte – Assist at the liturgy by carrying the cross or a torch, carrying the Gospel Book or assisting the priest in preparing the elements for the Holy Communion. Open to everyone 10+ years old.  Contact

Altar Guild – Prepare the sanctuary for worship and tend to the flowers, vessels, linens and vestments as part of a monthly team. Open to everyone. Contact

Bell Choir Contact

ChoirLead the congregation in singing hymns, psalms, and service music at the Sunday 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist and major feasts celebrated at Grace, September through June. The Choir practices Thursday evening at 7 PM and Sunday at 9:00 AM. Contact

Eucharistic MinisterAdminister the chalice at the Holy Eucharist, read the second lesson and lead the Prayers of the People. As necessary, carry the Gospel Book, and assist the priest. Open to baptized persons 16 years and older. Requires training and a license from the bishop. Contact

LectorRead the first lesson at the Holy Eucharist, and other readings as necessary. Contact

MusicianDo you play an instrument? Sing? Grace Church is blessed with a number of talented individuals, and we’d love to have more, especially for the summer and feast day services. Contact

Hospitality Ministries – building community and welcoming newcomers

Coffee Hour –  Make and serve coffee and a cold beverage and treats Sunday morning after 8:00 AM or 10:30 AM Holy Eucharist, and clean up afterwards. Contact

Greeter – Welcome newcomers and introduce them to Grace Church programs and members before and after 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM services. Ensure the parish office has contact information to follow up. Contact

Property Ministry – Care for our buildings and grounds with a friendly group of dedicated problem-solvers. The Property work group meets two Tuesday evenings per month and at other times as necessary. Contact

Usher – Welcome those attending services, ensure doors are opened, lights are on, and necessary bulletins and handouts are available. Arrange disabled seating, offer assistive listening devices, count attendees, notify clergy of those requiring communion in the pew, deliver alms and oblations to the altar and help ensure smooth traffic for the distribution of communion.  Contact

Pastoral Care Ministries

Eucharistic Visitor – Bring Holy Communion from the church service to those at home, in hospital, or care facilities. Contact

Pastoral Carers – Visit, call and/or send cards to homebound or in care facilities. Contact